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Posted February 20 at 13:31

Excuse us for the lack of Tumblr updates, but we have been patiently waiting to announce our latest creation. Now that we are nearing the end of the design phase, we are hoping to have a new app-style Sokoban Online released sometime in 2015.

The idea was to transition Sokoban Online (and all future games we create) to less of a website feel, and more of an app gaming experience.

We expect our members to be patient while we design and code the project. Such a project like this requires an enormous time of research, testing, and development. Plans are to have complete compatibility with all of the latest web browsers, including mobile devices and tablets.

In other news, we are also planning a complete overhaul of the Uphill Studio website so it links with the rest of our games. Some additions will be UP Coins, a digital currency that can be used in all of our products. More news to come on that later.

Finally, Magnets are preparing for launch in March of 2014. Yes, they are so close you can almost smell it. A few extra significant surprises will be thrown in there as well.

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